DOTS is a diagnostics platform that is changing how the diagnostic field currently detects at point of care.  With application across a range of consumer and industrial solutions, the DOTS platform will have a significant impact worldwide on people’s quality of life.  Our first product will detect for the presence of food allergens in food.

DOTS is designing signaling molecules that are protein-specific called Signaling Polynucleotides, SPNs(TM), that bind with high sensitivity and specificity. This field of science has been known for 20 years, with research-based outcomes focused mainly on therapeutic targets; specifically, silencing genes, manipulating the immune system, and selectively binding different targets. DOTS has leveraged the vast knowledge and application around these molecules to create a new family of signaling molecules.

The power of the DOTS platform combines lab grade sensitivity, superior specificity, and industrial precision, all miniaturized for portable, faster, and less expensive detection on the spot.  Our approach, supported by our broad IP portfolio, will impact the safety of the global food supply as well as the diagnostic accessibility in the fields of oncology, emergency care, and third-world health. DOTS is creating an entirely new paradigm for point of care detection.

The peer-reviewed paper published in Nature Scientific Reports and co-authored by our DOTS scientists describes the development and performance of DOTS’s novel aptamer-based protein detection method applicable across a wide variety of food matrices and sensitive to peanut protein at concentrations as low as 12.5 ppm (37.5 µg peanut protein in the sample).

Download the paper here.

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